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The Benefits of Remortgaging

Whether it is a monthly saving or you need to raise cash to clear debts or make home improvements to your property, Remortgaging is potentially the most cost effective way to achieve this.

Consolidating debt into your mortgage could save you money each month.

(You may pay more for this debt over the mortgage term.)

Switching back to a repayment mortgage will ensure the property is yours at the end of the mortgage term.

Securing a new fixed rate will provide some security in the event of any potential rate rises.

Raising those additional funds will allow you to complete those home improvements and make your home better.

Remortgaging to a lower payment will allow you to take back control of your monthly budget.

If you have had credit issues a Remortgage with a Specialist lender could enable you to stabilise your credit profile.

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Our Experts

Just Remortgages is a trusted and long established mortgage broker. We are not tied to any lender, estate agent or bank. So whether you want to release equity, consolidate debts or simply lower your monthly costs, a Remortgage could literally save you thousands of pounds.

Remortgage Experts

We are here to help. Let our experts assist you in finding the best solution. Once we have completed our quick mortgage review with you we will...

  • Discuss all available options with you...
  • Provide you with accurate quotes so that you can make a decision...
  • Approach lenders on your behalf should you wish to proceed...
  • See you through the whole application process until your mortgage completes...
  • Compare deals from across the UK top lenders and provide you with quotes.

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The Application Process

Whatever your requirements, our aim is to provide you with a tailored solution to your needs, and together see this through from beginning to end. We will endeavor to find the best deal for you circumstances.

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